TK SHIBUYA is hiring new staffs!
It's a great opportunity to work in the biggest entertainment space in Shibuya!
Music,Fashion lovers/ people who wants to use English/ Who loves service jobs/ Who has experience in night works etc. Please contact us!
Cast gift of ¥30,000 for joining!
English, Chinese, Korean speakers, bilinguals
(Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean speakers(Japanese mandatory)are welcomed!!
(Foreign language speakers: hourly wage will be¥50 - ¥100 UP)
You can also receive incentive for :
working every weekend (¥10,000)
working more than 20 days per month (¥10,000)
working more than 25 days a month (¥10,000)
Type of occupation (1)Hall staff
・Hall staff・VIP customer service staff・Waiter/Waitress

・Bartender ・Managing alcohol beverages

(3)Entrance / reception
・Welcoming guests at the entrance ・Receptionist


(5)Man dancer(Experienced person)
・LED robot dancer
Hourly wage <Experienced worker> 1,200~1,500 yen+ various incentive
<Without experience> More than 1,200 yen+ various incentive
※Requires training period: 300 hours(1,100 yen per hour)
Wage Cash gift of ¥30,000 for joining
Transportation fee provided (standard fee)
Delicious staff meals provided
Any hairstyle allowed
Chances of getting promoted to permanent employee
Incentive for working every weekend (¥10,000)
Incentive for working more than 20 days per month (¥10,000)
Incentive for working more than 25 days per month (¥10,000)
Foreign language speakers: hourly wage will be ¥50〜¥100 up
Working hours 21:00〜6:00[More than 6 hours per day] shift work
You can also start late from 11:00pm, 0:00※ Finishing time will be around 6:00 am
Workday Shift work: from two days a week(You can choose to work only on Fri・Sat as well! )
Regular workers are welcome!
You can receive benefit for those who works more than 4 or 5 times a week!
Qualification requirement This is a smoking establishment. People under 20 may not enter.
Contact 03-5456-2400


* First Name
*Last Name
Birth date
* Tel
*e-mail address
Language (Japanese required)
Visa (attach a photo of working visa)
Career History
Hobby/Special skill
Commuting time
Nearest station
Current job/Working days
Have you worked in a club?
Clubs you usually go to
Preferred working days/hours
Preferred date of entering a company
Reason for applying


〒150-0042 東京都渋谷区宇田川町13-8 ちとせ会館B1F
13-8 ChitosekaikanB1F, Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042, Japan
Opening Hour・・・22:00〜04:30
Opening・・・Every Weekend & Sunday,Monday,Tuesday.
※12/18(金) - 12/31(土) は全日営業日となります。