About the age limit, ID check and dress code

No admittance for those under 20 years of age.
We will be asking every customer for ID check.

【Age】No admittance for those under 20 years of age
【ID check】Government issued Photo ID card ※Copied or photographed ID will be invalid

■1 ID…Driver’s license / Passport / alien registration card / My number card / Citizen identification card (with Photo)
■2 ID…Health insurance card + Employee ID card (with photo) / Student ID card (with photo) / TASPO
※Only valid ID
※We will be asking for additional ID if the Citizen ID card has no photo.
※WE do not accept handwritten Employee ID card / Student ID card.
※Please have your own ID with your own name ready. If we find out that the ID you have provided does not belong to you, will be evicted from the premises of the club and/ or will be banned from entering TK SHIBUYA.

Dress code
We do not accept customers wearing training suit, tank top, working clothes, sandals (Crocs) etc. any casual clothing. If we find your fashion to be inappropriate or those showing their Tattoo (including stickers), admission may be denied.

About valuable belongings, lost / stolen
Valuable items such as your hand bag, wallet etc. should be stored in a coin locker or taken care by yourself. Please note that we do not take any responsibility if any of your belongings have been lost / stolen. Lost property will be storage for one week.
Please contact us.

No outside Food and Beverage allowed. Drugs are prohibited.
Food and Beverage items from outside are not allowed inside the night club.
Consumption/possession of drugs (legal/illegal), hazardous objects and other illegal objects are strictly prohibited inside the club. If found doing so, you will be evicted from the premises of the night club and would be handed over to the police.

Fights, troubles, unruly incidents
Any person provoking/indulging in fight, causing rude/violent behavior, obscene or lewd acts & gestures will be evicted from the club and / or banned from entering the club. If any incidents caused, we will not take any responsibility. If destruction of any property is caused, we will demand compensation for damages.

Any other prohibited acts
Organized group of gangsters, person involved with Anti-Social Forces, person who caused any trouble in the past, or person who is heavily intoxicated are prohibited entering the club. Even discovered after admission they will be evicted from the club. In that case, the entering fee will not be refunded.


〒150-0042 東京都渋谷区宇田川町13-8 ちとせ会館B1F
13-8 ChitosekaikanB1F, Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042, Japan
Opening Hour・・・22:00〜04:30
Opening・・・Every Weekend & Sunday,Monday,Tuesday.
※12/18(金) - 12/31(土) は全日営業日となります。